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BUY NOW! Curry Kits: Complete sets of spices for restaurant style curry recipes

Welcome to the Curry Kits website.

Our aim is to help you create currys at home exactly like the ones you might be served in a UK Indian Restaurant or takeaway

Herbs and spices for curry

As our name suggests, our kits provide you with the essential spices and herbs needed to make an authentic restaurant style curry at home.

These are not the expensive one or two-serving packs you might find elsewhere but sufficient supply to cook up to 100 servings for just:

The Curry Secret, a laminated kitchen-friendly book previously included in kits or sold separately for £14.99 can now be downloaded as a PDF here FREE!

The Curry Secret

A key feature of our packs is the "Curry Secret" guide. Written by our chef, who has run the kitchen of a thriving "Curry house" for over 10 years. It details the preparation process in a typical Indian Restaurant or take-away. With step by step instructions, many with diagrams and photos, it explains how you can faithfully prepare meals to the same high standards that our chef's customers have come back for time and again. It isn't rocket science and with our help you will be able to create truly authentic restaurant style dishes in no time.

Curry is now often described as "Britain's national dish", sales having long overtaken the traditional British Fish and Chips.

Overseas customers: We are delighted to be able to serve the various British ex-patriot communities. We know how difficult it is for you to get your national dish cooked to British standards!

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