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References to "the company" in the following terms and conditions refer to:
Company Name: Curry Kits

Other Details:-

TO ORDER - Simply complete the on-line order form. All goods must be paid for before delivery or collection.
All sales are governed by UK law and the language used in any communications shall be English.
Please take a printed copy of your order acknowledgement and of these Terms and Conditions for future reference. Your web browser should offer this facility. If you have difficulty then copies may be requested by email.

PRIVACY - To comply with statutory requirements and to be able to deal with post-sales queries, once the order is complete your order details will be stored on The Company computers or archived to computer disk or paper filing. Past order details are not available to customers on-line but a customer may request a copy by email subject to their providing sufficient information to identify the order and to evidence of identity and authority to access this data.
Unless specifically request otherwise The Company may use your address details to contact you in future to offer similar goods or services. Your contact details will not be passed to any third party.

DIFFICULTIES WITH ON-LINE ORDERING - this website has been tested and demonstrated to be fully functioning on hardware/software combinations used by the overwhelming majority of internet users. The variety of individual configurations is too great to guarantee that the ecommerce aspects in particular will function in 100% of cases. The Company will be pleased to handle orders by alternative means such as Phone or Email.

DELIVERY - Wherever possible please give a business/work address for delivery. This will eliminate any problems regarding home delivery addresses.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the carriers can have a signature upon delivery. If the delivery is visibly damaged you should draw the carrier's attention to that and you should make a note on their delivery acknowledgement. If you cannot wait for the carriers please leave a note on the door giving them appropriate instructions.
If the carriers have to make an attempted re-delivery, a supplementary charge may be applicable.
If the carriers leave a card to say they have tried to deliver, you must contact them promptly to re-arrange the delivery, failure to do so may result in the goods being returned to The Company.

TO BUY ONLINE - Items available to buy online will have an "Add to cart" or similar button - simply click on this button to bring up the Shopping Facility, and follow the instructions to the point of purchase.

You will receive a prompt confirmation response. This automated email acknowledgement does not mean that the order has been accepted by The Company. Acceptance is advised when the Company send a receipt.

No contract is formed until the order is accepted by the Company and confirmation sent to the customer.

The goods remain the property of The Company until paid for in full.

PRICE - All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
You will be advised of any additional delivery cost before the order is finalised.

While The Company makes every effort to ensure prices displayed on the website are accurate and up to date we reserve the right at any time to change the price. Price changes may be due to increasing currency exchange rates, unpredictable regulations, unexpected increases in the finished product or technical or clerical errors made in publishing the price.

DESCRIPTIONS - All items are described to the best of our knowledge and ability, however occasional slight variations may occur. Items failing to meet your expectations will be replaced or refunded.

ORDER DISCREPANCIES AND RETURNED ITEMS - Any discrepancies, shortages or errors in the consignment must be notified in writing within 10 days of order acknowledgement.
If you are not satisfied with the goods sent, or would like to return them, you have seven days to contact the Company for refund or replacement. Unless due to an error on our part a charge of delivery and up-lift will be passed on to you at cost.

CHANGES TO THE ORDER - Once you have placed your order you may change or cancel items up to the point of dispatch by contacting The Company email (in normal UK weekday working hours). Once an order has been accepted by The Company then should you choose to cancel items ordered by The Company from our suppliers or items we will be manufacturing to your specification then we reserve the right to invoice for those items but will make reasonable effort to minimise any cost to you.

BRITISH STANDARDS - Products listed and available to the general public from this website are compliant with the relevant British standards. No undertaking is given as regards conformity to the requirements of other legislatures.

COOKIES - Cookies are small files written to your computer by the website, usually intended to improve the users experience of the website. A common use of cookies is to store the current state of an ecommerce shopping cart. This enables you to leave an order incomplete then resume where you left off next time you use the computer.
No confidential data is stored in any cookie created by this website. You may view the cookie by clicking HERE. (Note that the contents of cookies are not designed to be human-readable but it is often possible to get an idea of their purpose/content). Many web browsers and security products will include facilities to allow you to control cookies either preventing them altogether or allowing them only in designated circumstances. If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your computer please use one of these facilities, however you should be aware that an agressive anti-cookie stance will significantly degrade your experience of the internet.

POP-UPS - Supplementary "pop-up" browser windows can be an annoyance. Unfortunately some websites abuse the capability and flood you with annoying and unwanted advertisements.

This website will only use pop-ups where they represent the best way of making important information visible to you. Examples of "good" use of pop-ups might be to see a larger photo of a product shown on the web page by a thumbnail image or to show the current state of your "shopping cart" on an ecommerce website.

Many web browsers and security products will include facilities to allow you to control pop-ups either preventing them altogether or allowing them only in designated circumstances. If you do not wish to permit pop-ups please use one of these facilities, however you should be aware that an agressive anti-pop-up stance will significantly degrade your experience of the internet.

The Google Toolbar (available free from hands flexible control of pop-ups to the user (and provides some other useful features).

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