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What's in a kit?

Whenever an attempt is made to create a homemade curry, it never seems to taste or look quite as good as the restaurant dishes. Is there a secret?

The truth is that Indian restaurants and take-aways have perfected a way to produce a vast variety of dishes in the shortest time, using the simplest of methods possible. After all, it's one thing to make one curry dish for four people for one evening meal, it's a completely different matter making dozens of different curry dishes for more than a hundred people in the few hours a restaurant is serving each day.

Curry Kits will introduce to you the secret of how those rarely seen magicians of the restaurant kitchen make those mouth watering dishes you have come to adore.

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Our aim is to help you create delicious curries at home, exactly like the ones you might be served in an Indian Restaurant or take-away.

With each kit you will find enough spices and herbs to make up to 100 servings of deliciously authentic curry dishes. If you were to buy the equivalent servings in a typical restaurant on the high street, the same number of servings would cost several hundred pounds!

But that's not all. We also provide you with the knowledge that all restaurant chefs guard selfishly as their "Curry Secret".

Our kits detail the preparation process in a typical Indian/Asian Restaurant, explaining step by step how you can quickly prepare meals to the same high standards that customers in the UK have become accustomed to. It isn't rocket science and with our help you will be able to create truly authentic restaurant style dishes.

We hope you enjoy the experience of cooking your first curry and believe that once you have succeeded, you will wonder why you didn't try making one years ago.

Kit Contents:

Curry Powder 100g     Curry kit contents
Guram Masala 100g
Chilli Powder 100g
Paprika 100g
Ground Tumeric (Haldi) 100g
Ground Cumin (Jeera) 100g
Ground Coriander (Dhania) 100g
Tikka Masala 100g
Fenugreek Leaves (Methi) 50g
Popadoms 1 packet
Cooking guide 1 copy

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