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red chilli pepper Curry is largely associated with the Indian sub-continent: India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka but closely related dishes are found in the traditional cuisine of many other countries.

The word "curry" is believed to come from "karahi" which is a traditional two handled pan used for cooking and serving curry dishes in the Indian sub-continent.

Although most people have at some point in their lives have either eaten or prepared a curry dish, many have come to accept that a curry is some form of spicy meat, chicken, fish or even vegetable dish.

What makes curry so popular is its versatility. There is no specific recipe for it. Its popularity is matched only by the variety of recipes that are available.

spice market in the middle-east

What is certain, is that for many of us curry is associated with the popular dishes found on the menus of numerous Indian restaurants found all over UK and Europe. Names like Tikka Masala, Madras and Vindaloo are now synonymous with the meaning of curry, although they are largely unheard of in the countries they supposedly come from!

< Photo: A spice market in the middle east

Our curry kits enable you to prepare many of the popular dishes under the names you recognise using raw ground spices and locally available ingredients.

It is said that Curry is now "the British national dish" even the smallest towns will be home to several Indian Restaurants and take-aways.

Traditional Indian cuisine is distinctively different from that associated with the numerous "curry houses" found all over the UK and Europe. For that reason Curry Kits aim to help you recreate the immensely popular Curry House style dishes in your own home but at a fraction of the cost.

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