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Curry is now the UK’s number one dish. But why is it so popular? Without doubt the British public love the special flavours and textures of these exotic foods.

curry kit box contents However, because of the bewildering variety of spices available and the time consuming methods some recipe books propose, most people shy away from venturing into the wonderful world of cooking their favourite food at home. Instead they resort to the expensive mass produced ready-made sauces and pastes, perhaps including preservatives you'd rather not consume. Surely you would prefer to use your own fresh ingredients and adjust the taste to suit your palate rather than accept the commercial output of a factory.

Curry Kits are aimed at those who wish to prepare for themselves the more popular dishes enjoyed by so many people today at a fraction of the cost of using ready made sauces and pastes.

Curry Kits contain the essential spices, herbs and recipes so that no matter where you are in the World, you will be able to prepare one of your favourite dishes that you have become accustomed to from your local Indian restaurant in the UK.

wholesale spice market
Middle-Eastern wholesale spice market

All our spices and herbs are as fresh as we can source. But don’t worry if it takes you a while to work your way through the generous supply we provide, the spices have long shelf-lives. Here are some of the advantages of making your own curry dishes with our Curry Kits compared with restaurants/take-aways and ready-made sauces and pastes:

  • A typical curry dish for four people can be made much more economically than by using a restaurant, supermarket chilled meal or cooking with a bottled sauce. Each Curry Kit contains sufficient spices for you to prepare your favourite meal many times over, quickly and inexpensively.
  • You provide the bulk of the raw materials so you can be sure of their quality and freshness.
  • If you have special dietary requirements (lactose intolerance etc) you can ensure you exclude all trace of any such ingredients.
  • If you have religious restrictions on your diet you can ensure the ingredients are compliant with that need.
  • Some traditional recipies can be rather more fattenning than you might like, you can modify the recipe to reduce the calorie intake.
  • Some "ready made" curries may be too strong or too mild for your palate. Cook them yourself and you can control the amount of spicy heat they contain. Indeed many of those who say they "don't like curry" really mean they don't like strong/hot curry and are pleasantly surprised once they try a mild one.
  • Vegetarian or Vegan diets are easily catered for.
  • While it has become relatively easy to source the spices you need in larger British towns some can only be found in less common Asian shops. The situation is even worse if you are an ex-pat living in a country where curry is not as popular as it is in Britain. Even if the necessary spices are available they often cost much more than in Britain.
  • The ingredients of our kits include some individual spices and some ready-blended mixtures. This makes it easy to produce a standard recipe and easy to adjust key ingredients to produce a unique dish suited to your taste. We provide each spice and blend separately, this allows you to vary the recipes by adjusting the amounts of the individual spices.
  • A finished curry will have better flavour if different spices go into the dish at different points in the cooking process, an option which is not available with ready-made sauces and pastes.
  • Many Curries respond well to freezing so you can cook more than you need and keep a few portions in storage for a later date. This has the added advantage of being able to serve curries in a hurry when you feel least like cooking.
  • Our methods and recipes allow you to make several different types of curry dish at the same time with only a little extra effort.
Fresh and dried curry ingredients
Fresh and dried curry ingredients
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