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Make your own perfect curries!

Whenever an attempt is made to create a homemade curry, it never seems to taste or look quite as good as the restaurant dishes. Is there a secret?

Indian restaurants and take-aways have perfected a way to produce a vast variety of dishes in the shortest time, using the simplest of methods possible.

"The Curry Secret" cooking guide will teach you the secret of how to make those mouth watering dishes you have come to adore.

Our aim is to help you create delicious curries at home, exactly like the ones you might be served in an Indian Restaurant or take-away.

Sorry our "Curry Secret" cooking guide is no longer available.

  • Easy to understand - Detailed step by step instructions.
  • Shows you what to do - Photos of each stage in the process.
  • Splash proof - Printed on plastic coated laminated card.
  • Easy to use - The guide is spiral bound, no need to weight down the book to stop it closing.
  • Convenient - The A3 format guide has an integral stand to take up minimal space on your work-surface.
  • Authoratitive - Written by an experienced chef who has personally cooked Restaurant meals using these exact instructions.

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